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General information

Pieter Ghering

Pieter Gherings’ professional life has mainly taken place in the Dutch Randstad and in an International environment. Since November 2009 he acts from Ghering PMC (project management and consultancy) in Breda.
Mr. Ghering has a focus on acting directive and aiming for result in his approach. He works on one hand towards long term aims and on the other hand towards realization of practical quick-wins. To reach this he works together with all parties within and outside the project, in which he gives a lot of attention to the sense of reality and the expectations of the stakeholders.
He has experience in the areas of customer relationship management, marketing, sales, aftersales and management information in mainly the retail environment with links to wholesale.

Mr. Ghering has worked as business consultant, project and program manager in the alignment of strategy, processes and applications in retailer management, integration with wholesale and manufacturer processes. He has performed in international environments on the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer level in the consumer product manufacturer industry.
Mr. Ghering feels comfortable in environments where politics and diversity in interests in relation to the project play an important role. His challenge and drive is to deliver a result which is accepted and adopted by all parties.


Which experience does Pieter Ghering offer?

Mr. Ghering has worked during his career in the Automotive, Consumer Products and Process Industry. In the Automotive Industry he has worked as Logistic Manager, Marketing Manager and Assistant Business Unit Manager in the Wholesale and Retail segment.
He has also worked in the Process Industry as Product and Project Manager for an engineering and software supplier.

In these positions Mr. Ghering was responsible for the business and marketing strategy definition, the deployment of organizational changes, the replacement or development of operation supporting software and the implementation of this software in the clients’ organization.

For Capgemini and Capgemini Consulting Mr. Ghering has been working in supplier management, product development, pilot management, project and program management application roll-out, change management and business consultancy.

Mr. Ghering has more than 25 years experience in managing projects.

“Pieter presents himself as a specialist in the field of Customer Relationship Management in eg the automotive industry. On this occasion he delivered our clients successes with organizational development, introduction and acceptance by users of systems and processes to support sales. He is certified as Engagement Manager Level 1 and CRM Professional. Through his knowledge and personal skills he can bring added value in a wide range of roles.”


“It was a pleasure working with Pieter a few years in shaping the European Dealer CRM tools landscape.
He is very professional in how is designing and managing projects.
Since he is totally customer focused he knows where to put the focus to make a project successful.
Due to his passion and experience about the automotive industry, he is able to convince people to keep the engagement level high and to focus on completing actions in time.
I could always rely on him and trust him, which is important to build a long lasting relationship.”


About automotive retail:

“When will sales and aftersales start working together to give the customer the feeling that she/he is welcome at all times, that her/his needs are being acted upon and that she/he gets the impression that she/he is involved ?
Order writers out of the showroom and real sales people in, who know how to retain existing customers and bind new customers without depending on a maximum discount.
Teamwork between aftersales and sales to translate the opportunities at existing customers both ways into revenue that also makes the customer happy. Aftersales indicates sales and sales indicates aftersales.
In this way, keep the back door closed and ensure that the front door receives more traffic based on that acclaimed customer experience….”


Following organisations have taken advantage of Pieters’ services:

  • Stellantis
  • Peugeot SA
  • Opel Vauxhall Europe
  • GM Europe
  • EURODA, European Opel Dealer Association
  • Golf & Business Club Bergsche Heide
  • Bonamobilia – ultralight electric transportation
  • BioTel Ltd – Acceleration monitoring
  • G-Star
  • Syngenta Crop Protection
  • Dealercouncil Volkswagen Audi
  • BMW AG & Netherlands
  • Volvo Europe
  • Mercedes Benz Leasing
  • Capgemini Consulting
  • Capgemini
  • KPN Autolease
  • PDQ Cadsystems & Engeneering
  • Mazda Netherlands
  • ANWB