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Customer / Car manufacturer


Ensure quick response to a prospect test drive or quotation request on the national website


A prospect requests a test drive or a quote for a specific car model using the national website of the brand. Ghering PMC determined with the business owner and the suppliers of the various systems how this request should appear as a task in the agenda of a specific salesman. The salesman will handle the request in the same way as he does with prospects that come to the dealer directly. Automatically the results of the salesman activity are provided to the central level, where the data is available for reporting on conversion ratio’s. This solution is developed and rolled out to all dealers in Europe.

“Pieter worked for me in various international CRM, DMS and Retail projects as a business consultant and/or project manager. He has an excellent business understanding of the automotive retail industry and deep knowledge about CRM processes. Especially in the area of change management he was making a big difference in the success of our projects. I can only recommend him to any client – he is a hard working professional consultant with the right balance of strategy and pragmatism.”